About Us

Direct selling to potential clients through in-person interactions is
known as face-to-face marketing.

Face-to-face interactions are still important since no website, chat, bot, or social media platform can ever fully replace a genuine human

connection that fosters trust.

Since 2013, We-Propel has operated under the premise that

trust is the key to building a successful relationship between

the buyer and the customer.

Our Vision 

To be the key factor for companies that want to create exceptional teams & prominent businesses.

Our Mission 

We bring together the best of two worlds People & Products. We set your products in motion.

Why We-Propel?

We-Propel collaborates with clients of different sizes. We adjust the workforce to fit the size and deployment schedule they require while also tailoring our initiatives to their needs.

1. Committed to People 

A company that prioritizes its employees and is committed to diversity, inclusivity, and internal promotion.

2. Propel Performance 

Our exceptional sales & staffing results have allowed us to go head-to-head with other  firms, and proven superior sales & staffing results.

3. Tailor-Made 

We have made the decision to handpick our clients.  As a consequence, our client's durability affirms the quality of our service.

4. Dependable Associate

We take care of your company as if it were our own. As a result, everything we undertake is done with honesty and transparency.

Giving Back 

We-Propel gives back to Homes Of Promise a transitional sober living house for men and women located in California.