Who we are

At We-ProPel, we believe in developing people to create long term sustainable results for our clients. Whether you are trying to reach new markets or launch new products, we have the tools and people to enable you to achieve success. We combine the reach of sales representatives distributed from coast to coast with the expertise of national and local marketing professionals to deliver consistent direct marketing perfectly tailored to each individual region. We-ProPel can help you reach your business goals. Whether you are trying to reach new markets or launch new products, We-ProPel has the tools and resources to enable you to achieve success. The solutions we use help our clients develop and grow in new markets. We help you to reach new customers, by connecting your brand to shoppers and consumers to drive conversions.

Face to Face

Direct communication between company and client, helping to build personal relations that will benefit both sides, focus on customers and increase the probability of conversion.

In Home Solutions

Rather than relying on marketing to bring in new customers, Door to Door sales engages prospects in marketing, advertise or campaign. It builds trust and generates demand.

Online Sales

Online sales are a powerful tool to reach a massive range of customers, reducing processing and operational costs.

Giving Back

Homes of Promise

Homes of Promise provides transitional sober-living for men & women in a safe, sober housing environment for those needing recovery. They currently have 10 homes located in Los Angeles County in the city of Pomona, California.

God's Pantry

Hunger can affect anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender, urban and rural dwellers alike. Together with more than 400 food pantries and meal programs, God’s Pantry Food Bank works to alleviate hunger in Central and Eastern Kentucky during this time of crisis.

Crave the movement

To reach a radical generation we must take extreme measures to meet our young adults right where they are • Institute a cutting edge way of presenting Jesus that inspires a life free of drug, alcohol, and sexual promiscuity • Show our passion by creating an atmosphere so desirable and out of the box, our peers won’t be able to stay away CRAVE is for the one, for if that one is changed he will go change another, and so it will continue until a movement has begun.