Impossible is nothing that says a brand and when people read it, they believe it. Be like mike, said another shoe brand and people wanted to dunk.

Now that the World Cup is being held in Qatar, we can see how brands are using their influencers and slogans to create a link between the brand and the spectators. And sport is an excellent platform for this.

Sponsoring uniforms or sneakers

for people, let them admire the design of the objects, to admire their use requires choosing well the figures who wear them so that buyers want to imitate them, have the same shoes, and buy it.

Getting Cristiano Ronaldo, the athlete with the most followers on Instagram and the highest charge per publication is not always easy but there are other figures that can build your brand without those high costs. At We-Propel we know how to create that traction and the new influencers that every brand needs.

The pandemic left us with the certainty that digital tools are here to stay, especially in marketing, with the facilities they offer to link products with customers.

When you choose to create a digital strategy one of the first element is to choose which platform to advertise on because each one has its own characteristics. Like, If you want to use video you can approach different platforms, depending on the age range of your customer, the length of the video, and what you want to communicate.

 If it is a short video, less than 60 seconds, use Instagram, if it lasts more than five minutes the best option is YouTube, the most used platform by young people today.  On the other hand, tik tok allows you to publish videos longer than one minute and have a greater diffusion of the brand through its content-sharing tools.

So the first question is What do you want to tell, who do you want to reach? How long do you want them to see your material?

In we propel, we can give you the best advice so you can use digital marketing in a proper way

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