Network Monitoring

Imagine that your company just got a bad review, one that does not tell the truth but affects your credibility, that speaks ill of your product and, suddenly, it goes viral thousands of people listening to a negative message about your brand. What to do?

What happens in social networks allows us to obtain a lot of information if we have a team prepared to understand digital transformations, communication, and tools that allow us to see the whole conversation to know the problem, visualize what mentions, keywords, and conversations are emerging (techniques such as sentiment analysis or word clouds can be used).

It is also essential to know who is talking, whether they are trolls, influencers, or groups.

And create a precise and quick response that solves the crisis and allows you to communicate what you really want to say about your brand.

But none of this is possible if you don’t have a team that knows how to monitor your brand, as we propel does.